Level 2 English Vocabulary Builder Course 2.0

Language Conducted: English Chinese
Age Range: Kids (0 - 12)
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Do you think that only children from the English-educated background can master English? Here’s the truth: Your children can master English as long as they use the correct methods and start learning RIGHT NOW! ?

Our online ‘Vocabulary Builder Course’ will show your children the right path to learn English. Yes, you are ? right.  Your children will enjoy: 

✅  engaging learning on functional English vocabulary based on topics. 

✅  enhanced confidence in learning English. 

✅ interesting methods to link and review English vocabulary.

(FYI:We need to repeat at least 8 times to master something!?)

Our vocabulary builder course focuses on introducing new words according to daily life topics. For instance, we would introduce words related to travelling in two lessons. 

With this, children would be able to learn up words in a concentrated way instead of jumping from topics to topics. 

Additionally, we encourage our pupils to talk about their experiences and opinions during each lesson. We hope that our pupils will be able to relate what they learn in the lesson with their daily lives.

Sign up for the whole course of 25 lessons and you will get 3 additional lessons for FREE!

Your children can learn up to 60-80 new English vocabulary with us every month!

And your children will learn up to 300 - 560 new English vocabulary after the whole course!

Join us for your English learning:

💡Level 2 (Suitable for 10-12 years old pupils)

      💡Time: Every Wednesday, 8.30-9.45 pm 

What will you learn from the course?

Our weekly lessons are conducted through Zoom Meeting.

You will join our Whatsapp learning group once you are done with the registration.

In the Whatsapp learning group, you will enjoy:

✅ Zoom Meeting Link

✅ Soft copy version of our weekly notes

✅ Lesson presentation slides and unlimited replay of Lesson recordings 

✅ Exciting and engaging English learning games

What you gain after completing the course?

The mastery of basic and intermediate vocabulary for daily life use

What will you bring back?

Lifelong membership for FREE access to additional materials and websites on learning English

What does the course fee include?
  • FREE 2 additional lessons 
  • FREE unlimited replay of lesson recordings
  • FREE lesson notes for each lesson (soft copy)
  • FREE daily life expressions notes (soft copy)
Ng Jia Ying
Founded since September 2020, Intelligo strives to provide children with meaningful and interesting English learning experience. Unlike the boring English lessons available in the market, Intelligo has adopted a variety of teaching and learning tools during our online English lessons. Our utmost satisfaction is always the excitement and cheering from our pupils during the lessons. What's our ultimate goal for your children's English learning? It is to get them to understand that English is not only a school subject, but it is a language that will open limitless doors to their learning in the future.

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Terms & Conditions

Rules and regulations of our Online Vocabulary Builder Course:

✅ You will receive a Zoom Meeting Link and the softcopy of the exercise notes 2 days before each lesson.

✅ Every pupil can enter the Zoom Meeting 10 minutes before the lesson starts. We'll start the lesson on time.

✅ Intelligo will remove any participant who does not register with Evetag or Intelligo.

✅ Please get ready with your exercise notes and stationery before each online lesson.

✅ Please turn on your camera during the lesson for learning and monitoring.

✅ Please switch off your mic when the teacher is teaching.

✅ For any question, please state in the comment section. You can also switch on your mic during the Q and A session.

✅ No chatting or leaving irrelevant comments during the lesson.

✅ No refund or date exchange after any purchase of the Online Vocabulary Builder Course.

How to redeem

✅ Simply register with Evetag or Intelligo to join our course!

✅ You will receive the Zoom Meeting link and passcode to enter our weekly lesson through Whatsapp once your registration is confirmed.

✅ If you do not receive any Whatsapp message from us 4 days after your registration, feel free to contact Miss Ng at 016-4437403.

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