1-Month Pilates Class

Language Conducted: English Chinese Malay
Age Range: Kids (0 - 12) Teen (13 - 17) Adult (18+)
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This course eligible for 4 age & above

Are you an office worker and lack exercise? Sedentary lifestyle? Feeling tired and stressed all the time?

bring it on! ! Join our Pilates class now. ?

What will you learn from the course?

Pilates compared with yoga, Pilates has a larger range of movements and is more athletic, so the weight loss effect is better. In addition, Pilates moves are replaced frequently, which can consume calories and burn fat in this process. And it can improve people's metabolic capacity and make people consume more calories. Pilates exercises are rich, including partial weight loss exercises, which can exercise for various parts of the human body and sculpt a perfect body curve. Therefore, Pilates is very effective for weight loss and shaping.

The pressure of modern people’s life and work is increasing. They often work in the office. More and more people have spinal problems. Pilates focuses on the improvement of the back muscles and deep muscles. Practitioners train the back muscles. , It can strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the spine. These powerful muscles and ligaments can protect the spine, improve the safety of the spine, and restore the normal physiological curvature of the spine. Stretching exercises are an important part of Pilates training. They can stretch target muscles and have a great effect on the trainer's posture.

Pilates increases your flexibility by lengthening your body, thereby reducing bone and joint pain. Proper Pilates is very effective in treating arthritis, because it can increase the flexibility of the body through stretching exercises and reduce joint fatigue. Protect joint health. They can keep your muscles healthy and minimize your possibility of injury. Pilates can also stimulate the production of joint lubricants, which can relax the muscles of your legs, back, neck and shoulders and relieve pain and tightness.

What you gain after completing the course?
  • Pilates benefits
  • Slimming 
  • Balance muscles
  • Improve spirit
  • Recoverable to protect the spine
  • Reduce bone and joint pain
What will you bring back?


What does the course fee include?
1 month:
  • 4 sessions per month.
  • Free evaluation [muscle length test]
  • Physical therapist will explain to you your current muscle condition and the distortion effects of muscle tension and muscle imbalance. 

3 months:
  • 12 sessions per month.
  • Free evaluation [muscle length test]
  • Free 1 fitness ball worth RM 50.00
  • Physical therapist will explain to you your current muscle condition and the distortion effects of muscle tension and muscle imbalance. 
Wenwu Martial Arts
Taekwondo has been developing with the 5000 year long history in South Korea and it has been named differently so far.

2-3, Jalan Damai Perdana 1/8a, Bandar Damai Perdana, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia ,Malaysia

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Terms & Conditions
  1. All changes and cancellations are subject to our standard Refund Policy.
  2. Missed class will not be replaced.
  3. Classes on public holidays will be replaced on another date.
  4. No refund is allowed.
How to redeem
  1. Reservation required.
  2. Students who purchase a one-month course must pay a deposit (RM 160) and registration fee (RM 30) at the front desk on the first day of class.
  3. Students who purchase a three-month course must pay a registration fee (RM 30) at the front desk on the first day of class.
  4. 24 hours’ notice is required to change a booking you have made.
  5. Deal valid within 90 days from the date of purchase.
  6. Please ensure that your reservation is made within the validity period stated on your voucher.
  7. Call/Whatsapp 011-5106 0333 for booking with: Name / Date of reservation / Evetag Order ID (refer to your ECV)
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