2-Day Eyebrow/Eyeliner/Lip Embroidery

Language Conducted: English Chinese
Age Range: Adult (18+)
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Terms & Condition
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Who is eligible for the course?

  • 18-50 years old

Class time:

  • Those who are busy with work can cooperate with part-time classes
  • 2 days course + 2 days exam
  • Real action
  • Free review lessons
  • Hand-painted course
  • Accommodation provided for students of outstation

What will you learn from the course?

What will you learn from the course?

  • Semi-permanent history
  • Semi-permanent transformation
  • Skin structure explanation
  • Eyebrow and Lip Design
  • Operational details
  • Personal hygiene and disinfection
  • Personal image management
  • Practice skin operation design

1. Embroidery is very popular and has many customers

2. For Embroidery graduates, you can choose to open a shop, you can choose to work, or you can choose to work freely, which is flexible and changeable.

3. Embroidery is short and easy to learn, and the time and cost are not long. Even the people who are employed can learn

What you gain after completing the course?


What will you bring back?

What will you bring back?

  • After graduation, you will get a 1+1+1 international certificate certification
  • Professional Certificate from Lincoln University College
  • Semi-permanent certificate of our hospital
  • Italian Honso semi-permanent certificate
What does the course fee include?

What does the course fee include?

  • Included courses:- Laser eyebrow wash, keratin eyelash lift, men's eyebrows, bun thread tattoo, worth RM13,800!
  • The student pass can go to Korea/Thailand/Singapore/Hong Kong/China/Japan for further study and competition
  • Eligibility for the Asian Wenxiu Net Contest and free participation in training classes
  • 100% learned
  • The course comes with a set of imported color milk raw materials from Germany/Italy
  • Theory + Real Action

The teaching is mainly based on theory + practical operation. I will give you all the theories that are not available in other families. The content of the course is very detailed and practical. Students who understand slowly do not have to worry, and ask questions at any time.

High quality + quality teaching! Small class teaching or one-to-one teaching

The comfortable learning environment, the set of tools is guaranteed to be enough for you to directly operate customers as a teacher, and absolutely not to force sales of products to students

Embrace Beauty Brow Art Academy
Embrace Beauty,the leading eyebrow artistry brand in Malaysia. HQ in PJ of Malaysia.The brand is founded and created by the leader of the industry,Katherine Chai.Since its establishment in 2007,has gone through 12 glorious years of growth and development.

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Terms & Conditions

All changes and cancellations are subject to our standard Refund Policy.
Missed class will not be replaced.
Classes on public holidays will be replaced on another date.
No refund is allowed
Students may cancel any time 48 hours or more before the class to receive a refund. Students canceling less than 48 hours before a class will receive a full credit towards rescheduling or purchasing a different class.

How to redeem

Classes are conducted on weekly/daily/monthly basis.
Students are not allowed to join a course in the middle of an intake.
Reservation not required.
Present your ECV (it's under 'My Vouchers' in the 'My Profile' tab) at the institution.

How to Redeem
Reservation required.
Booking subject to availability.
24 hours' notice is required to change a booking you have made.
Deal valid within 90 days from date of purchase
Please ensure that your reservation is made within the validity period stated on your voucher.
Call/Whatsapp 011-51060333 for booking with:Name, Date of reservation, Evetag Order ID (refer to your ECV)

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