Fun Blocks Workshop
Course by G Kids

Language Conducted: English Chinese Malay
Age Range: Kids (0 - 12) Teen (13 - 17)
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What does the course fee include?

  • Package A: RM64 (Including postage)


  • 11pcs of Lepao 
  • Model cards (50 cards)
  • Recorded videos 

  • Package B: RM74 (Including postage)


  • 11pcs of Lepao 
  • Model cards (50 cards)
  • Recorded videos
  • 1hr learning session children-teach-children through zoom (Every Sunday: 2.00PM - 3.00PM, Start from 11th July until end of September)

We are going to introduce a Children-Teach-Children session (The session is conducted by a 8 year old child with the assistance of our facilitator, who has been working on this Lepao set for a few years. He has been exploring and inventing many new models with just the 11pcs of constructional building blocks.)

Parents get an hour of “me time” while children are having their own fun in the session and learn independently. 

Let the children share with the children how to play with the building blocks and hit the learning intentions.

Who is eligible for the course?

  • Kids From Aged 5 Years Old And Above 

Class date and time.

  •  1hr session (Every Sunday: 2.00PM - 3.00PM, Start from 11th July until end of September)

Online Teaching Tools

  • Zoom
What will you learn from the course?

Constructional Building Blocks

Lepao is a kind of building block that is useful for children’s development. It is fun, engaging and makes learning effective.

Playing with lepao allows children to:

  • Positive communication in children. There is no right and wrong between children. Children will be more open in asking and learning. Learning restriction is lifted by learning from their peers. 
  • Unleash children’s spatial intelligence. Building and connecting the blocks into shapes required their imagination and sense of space. This ability will also build up children’s sense of direction and creativity.
  • Train children’s fine motor skills by putting all the pieces together. Fine motor skill is important to enable neat handwriting, etc. 
  • Trigger children’s creation and creativity which are essential abilities to develop strong problem solving skills. 
  • Develop logical, analytical and conceptual thinking while they are designing and building on the models. These cognitive abilities are important in children’s learning and improve their performances in both academics and life. 

This Children-Teach-Children session aims to:

  • Encourage leadership among children.
  • Trigger brain processing by having discussion among the children
  • Encourage children to share their ideas, sharing is caring! 
  • Let the creativity flow among the children! You will be surprised with what they can do in the session
  • Implant the value of humble and gratitude to the children

What you gain after completing the course?


What will you bring back?


What does the course fee include?


Ltl Success Resources
An online school that offers short courses or development programs (soft skills development) with a new century of learning method. We emphasize on building a strong learning foundation (the ability to understand, communicate, think, process information, visualisation, auditory, motor skills, etc) for children during their early age. It is not about how many words the child can read or write, but the ability to retain their learning matter.

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Terms & Conditions

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