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Some context from our Founder of MTMT Studios: Hi everyone, it’s Maggie here, the founder of this place. I wanted to clarify that this is not just another art studio that I blindly opened up following the current trend these days. In fact, there’s a story behind it. I had a dream many years back that I am operating an art studio with this concept. With my existing passion for shoe painting, I aim to inspire more people to think of the impossible. When it comes to art, oftentimes it was only connected to painting on a piece of canvas. There were actually a lot more surface areas or even things we may never have thought of. Back in my university days, I dreamt that I was tipsy after a few drinks, and my creative juice starts flowing and I painted non stop. This is the epiphany moment as some would say because you felt that you are in the moment, although still in my dream. I woke up from the dream with a strong determination to have this scene at a studio I operate one day. Ever since then, I was really curious how things would turn out if someone else apart from me does it. And the day happened. I quit my corporate job last year and decided to try out the journey of being a full-time artist. I’m a self-taught artist, and owns a Business degree. I’ve also completed the art residency Young Art Entrepreneurs (YAE) program with the Malaysian National Art Gallery. My intention for this creative playground is to let you believe that art has potential in society. It’s shouldn’t be overlooked and there is just so much room for learning every day. Are you ready to enlarge your comfort zone? ?
55B, Jalan SS 24/8 ,Taman Megah ,47301 ,Selangor ,Malaysia
Mtmt Designs
MTMT Designs
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Aston Clarence
about 2 years ago |
3-Hour Online Shoe Painting Workshop
Totally love the time spent with Teacher Maggie Tan, you can ask anything about painting, drawing or brushing technic and she is willing to share with you. Didn't feel that it was too rush.. It will be better if the course can be split into two days with two sessions 1 hour a day and the next day a 2 hour session., e.g. 1 session for sketching, the other for painting and finishing.
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