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Language Conducted: English Chinese
Age Range: Kids (0 - 12) Teen (13 - 17) Adult (18+)
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  • Discover inborn strengths and weaknesses 
  • Make academic and career choices easier 
  • Enhance learning experience by identifying preferred learning styles 
  • Personalize academic and extra curriculum programme 
  • Understand the right parenting techniques and teaching style 
  • Help parents to save money by not investing to unnecessary things 
  • Building self confidence 


What will you learn from the course?

An introduction to dermatology:

When the embryo grows and the cells are sorted, the skin cells in the body and the neurons in the brain also come from Ectoderm. Through nearly a century of observation and research, the distribution and patterns of brain neurons are regularly reflected in hand fingerprints.

Dermatoglyphics (Dermatoglyphics) is a study of the shape and quantity of ridges. Accurate results can be obtained by using computer software.

Mindecode has been dedicated to promoting the growth of children begins with understanding. Over the past 15 years, Mindecode has provided solutions to the growth problems of more than 15,000 families, helping parents identify their children's innate potential, appreciate and appreciate their children's strengths and weaknesses from different perspectives, and achieve the effect of improving the parent-child relationship.

According to the survey found that after understanding the child's innate characteristics, and then with the appropriate environment and training, the child's mood, concentration and parent-child relationship have been significantly improved!

What you gain after completing the course?


What will you bring back?


What does the course fee include?


EVETAG offers you wide range learning sessions, gives you access to all fun and creative learning experience! Find, book and attend interesting virtual and local classes near you, explore hobby and enrichment classes, workshops and even professional certificate courses.

No.8, Kawasan Perindustrian Tiong Nam ,Jln 51/203A, Section 51 ,46050 ,Selangor ,Malaysia

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DMIT Report
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