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We are one of the music academy centres located in Malaysia. We provide various forms of music needs such as sets of equipment, accessories, workshops and musical learning methods based on local and international music academic systems. Armed with determination and aspirations, we continue to strive to lead the music education field and work with highly qualified and dedicated teachers. We are also experienced in the music industry involving experienced musicians and local artists in stage performances, music recording, filming and more. We provide comprehensive music products and services covering a wide range of languages, races and cultures that exist throughout the world. This effort is continuously pursued to meet the needs of the current and upcoming generations. We work with experienced musicians from various races and music backgrounds. Generally, our musicians are experienced in the field of songwriting, composition and live performances in various countries. We managed to stay in the music academy for more than 10 years and involved in various and closely related fields to music at the national and international levels. Aside from our commitment to improving student achievement percentages in music certification, we are also working to provide awareness to various parties that music is a very important element in life. It not only involves the sharpness of mind and deeds, but also from the point of health as well. Therefore, we always accept anyone of all ages to get involved in the music field, either through the academic, career or just a hobby to fill in the free time. We are constantly looking for career opportunities and income sources for students, teachers and musicians. It involves various positions and roles in the academy of music and performances. In the music academy, we provide more choices for qualified teachers and potential students to undergo their own music learning sessions. We are also committed to helping musicians either solo or in groups to advertise their talents in the local and international entertainment markets. This involves bands for performances in personal events, hotels, clubs and others, accompanied by professionals performing various types of music performances. We hope that students, teachers and musicians will continue to be committed and interested in music through our academy. It’s time to Choose ‘N Play your role in music!
1-2, Jalan TTDI Grove 7/1 ,Section 9, Taman TTDI Grove ,43000 ,Selangor ,Malaysia
Mohd Hafiz Bin Ab Manap

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09:00 - 21:00
Working Day: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
Choose 'N Play Music School
Choose 'N Play Music School

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